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Bunkerist 10-Year Letter


Dear customers, business partners, and the entire Bunkerist Trading and Brokering family,

This year, we are excited and proud to celebrate our 10th anniversary at Bunkerist Trading and Brokering. Ten years ago, we started as a company specializing in fuel and lube oil supply to our clients’ ships. Since then, we have continued to grow in challenging market conditions and competitive environments.

At Bunkerist Trading and Brokering, we prioritize customer satisfaction in line with our principle of providing quality service to our customers. Therefore, we strive to establish strong relationships with our customers and business partners.

Our success is the result of the dedicated efforts of all our employees, the trust of our business partners, and the solid relationships we have built with our customers. Thanks to all of your support, Bunkerist Trading and Brokering has achieved the performance and reputation it aimed for in the industry.

Over the past 10 years, we have faced many challenges. However, we have strengthened and grown by overcoming each difficulty. The success of our company is not something that can be achieved solely through our own efforts. This achievement is due to the contributions of Bunkerist Trading and Brokering employees, our customers, our business partners, and all other stakeholders.

Today, we serve our customers in ports around the world. We are aware that we must constantly improve ourselves to provide better service to our customers.

We strive to add value to ourselves and our customers by always offering innovative and advanced solutions.

At Bunkerist Trading and Brokering, we will continue to strengthen our relationships with our customers and business partners and grow. We will continue to provide our customers with the best service while maintaining our strong position in the industry.

Finally, we thank all our customers, business partners, and employees who have supported us over these 10 years. We will do more than our best to continue to achieve successful results together in the future.