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Fresh Water


Fresh water is always needed for the functioning of ships. This need meets the daily needs of the staff and passengers on board, as well as the water needed for the operation of the ship, warehouse, tank, deck, etc. draws a wide spectrum to the water requirement used in cleaning. Ships have water stocks to meet their water needs at least until the next port. They supply these needs in two ways,

• By the treatment system on the ship from sea water,

• Dock connection from the port or by water tanker.

Since sea water treatment costs are high, ships meet their water needs more at ports. In cases where there is no water connection in the ports, the water supply is done with water and land tankers.

Matters to be considered while taking water to the ship;

• It must have a certain source and comply with the characteristics desired by the ship,

• They must have certificates showing their quality,

• The water supply should be notified to the necessary authorities in writing,

• It should be known which transportation vehicle and how it will be replenished (from the quay, from the sea, from the sea / land tanker, etc.),

• The characteristics of the hoses and manifolds that will supply the water to be taken should be known,

• An agreement should be reached with the ship’s captain on which day, at what time and in what capacity (m3 / hour) the water will be supplied,

• If water supply will be provided to the ship by the sea tanker, from which side (Iskele-Sancak) will be berthed to the relevant ship, the VHF channel to be used during the supply, the positions of each other should be determined.

The products of the leading fresh water supplier companies at the port where your ship is located are offered to your service in coordination with the replenishment of our other products, at the same time, before or after, in accordance with the agency’s instructions, without deflecting the ship’s targets. Our aim is to help your fleet operate more effectively and at lower cost.

In case you appoint Bunkerist, it will honor us to offer fresh water facilities to you in line with your demand, with competitive products of alternative companies.