Fresh Water

One of the primary needs that must be provided for the efficient operation of ships is fresh water. In addition to meeting the daily needs of personnel and passengers, cargo ships must also meet the water requirements for the operation of the ship and the water requirement for cleaning areas such as holds, tanks and decks.


Our company provides professional service to our valued customers in fresh water supply. Bunkerist evaluates all fresh water supply possibilities in your port to meet your fresh water needs.

While supplying fresh water to the ship, we pay attention to the following points:


  • The water source should be in accordance with the requirements and characteristics of your ship.
  • It must have certificates showing the quality of the supplied water.
  • Water supply should be reported to the necessary authorities in writing.
  • It should be known which transportation vehicle will be used for water supply (from the pier, from the sea, from the sea/land tanker, etc.).
  • The properties of the hoses and manifolds to be used for water supply should be known.
  • The date, time and amount of water to be supplied must be agreed with the ship’s captain.

Our company works in coordination with the leading fresh water supplier companies in your port. Our products are offered to your service in accordance with the instructions of the agent, in accordance with the supply of our other services. Our goal is to help your fleet run more efficiently and cost-effectively.


As Bunkerist, we have a professional service network for fresh water supply. In line with your demands, we are proud to offer fresh water opportunities with competitive products of alternative companies. Our professional team provides reliable and timely service to meet the fresh water needs of your ships in the best way.

If you appoint Bunkerist, we will be honored to offer fresh water facilities to you with competitive products of alternative companies, in line with your request.

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