Ana sayfa » Maritime events are being delayed further by coronavirus

Maritime events are being delayed further by coronavirus


Some maritime events have been rescheduled in spite of the coronavirus.

Industry conferences planned by the American Association of Port Authorities, Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association, Connecticut Maritime Association and Coalition of New England Companies for Trade are among the many that have been postponed or canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Many maritime events planned for mid-may have been rescheduled for september

Transmission and enfection rates continue to increase in spite of the fact that a lot of governments, states and local authorities around the globe are taking increasingly restrictive measures to halt the spread of the infection. For everyone’s safety and health, governments are hoping that the measures taken are going to be successful and the spreading of the enfection will quickly decrease and come to a halt. Though we must be aware of the fact even if said reversal occurs, that it will take time in order for people’s lives and workplaces to recover back to their normal conditions.