Bunkerist Trading Brokering, which operates in the maritime sector with transit fuel and mineral oil trade, pre-sales and after-sales support services, is at your service with more than twenty-five years of experience.


Bunkerist takes an active role in transit fuel and mineral oil trade with its attentive and experienced Bunker Trader team of workers.


Bunkerist responds to all your expectations with its knowledge and market dynamics that have understood the industry.


Bunkerist guides you about the product choice that matches your request with internationally accepted standards.


Bunkerist, who is aware of your needs and expectations and offers years of knowledge, experience and experience to your service, provides prices and services for every point where fuel and mineral oil supply is made in international waters with an understanding of professionalism 


Bunkerist local authority and internationally recognized quality standards guide and testify to this trade. The reliability of an acceptable quality fuel depends on the availability of the product, oak, ship’s need and supplier selection, etc. Bunkerist serves according to your needs with various factors such as.


Bunkerists and their business partners immediately intervene to the disruptions caused by ship or fuel / oil tanker personnel and / or weather conditions, local authorities, and generally physical elements, to the extent permitted by professional, legal and ethical factors.


By evaluating all the possibilities on the route of the ship, the Bunkerist provides guidance regarding the most accurate supply point. The interests of the buyer regarding the amount to be replenished and the crediting are reminded and discussed. All issues are reviewed together and a target is determined.


It is very important for the health and continuity of this cooperation to be a follower of reporting studies that express the reliability of pre-sales parties and fulfillment of after-sales responsibilities. This service, which is reinforced with risk management and collection, is an integral part of the Bunkerist’s mission in this industry based on trust.


Risk is inherent in any project, and project managers must constantly assess risks and develop plans to address them. Any information, experience, report, analysis and legal support that the Bunkerist believes will contribute to the risk management of the relevant party, which he believes to be justified, will be immediately available.


This service is fully implemented with the approval of the laws and regulations and then the local authority. Bunkerist explores all kinds of possibilities in the light of the appropriate regulations foreseen by MARPOL Convention and provides guidance services regarding the disposal of dirty waste.


If you need to appoint a local agency for the port of your ship, you will be contacted with reputable companies whose performance has been experienced and alternatives are offered to your service. The cooperation between the agency and the Bunkerist regarding their duties and responsibilities is carried out in a way that you can get the best service.


Regional differences in the quality of transit fuels continue to worry ship owners and tenants. In case the fuel mediated by the Bunkerist is not suitable for use, it is determined to coordinate the activities it carries out with all its business partners regarding the compensation of the damage and damage by the supplier.