Bunkerist is one of the world's leading companies in "independent bunker trading".

Our story began when we opened our eyes to the paradise Black Sea coast.

The images that appear on the horizon, get closer or disappear, evoking fantastic emotions, have taken our dreams beyond the seas. Over time, our paths crossed with our profession.


We have experienced every season, beautiful days as well as fall and winter. We were cooked, brewed, and helmed in our own kitchen. We got out of the winter and put our name, became Bunkerist.


The formation, whose dreams exceed the seas, has established its own home with the experiences it has gained. Institutionalized as a family business. He made the wish of the sailors his motto. May our bow be clear and our wind easy.


Today Bunkerist aims to facilitate its customers’ work by offering high-quality services in the shipping industry. With over 30 years of experience in the trade of transit fuel and lubricants, intermediation, pre- and post-sales support services, Bunkerist follows the principle of providing the best service to its customers.


Our mission is to ensure that the products of the required quality and quantity are delivered to the ships on time or to facilitate this process. Our goal is to contribute to your busy and professional life professionally and mentally.


As fuel is the most important consumption material that shipowners and ship operators encounter while carrying out their professions, fuel supply has become not only a material supply process but also a financial partnership.


The purpose of this partnership is to help shipowners and ship operators achieve optimum efficiency and profitability. It is important that the supplies be made through fuel and lubricant sellers with the necessary professionalism by conscious and qualified personnel.


As Bunkerist, it is extremely important to follow up the fulfillment of post-sales responsibilities for the healthy and long-term continuation of our cooperation. In this trust-based industry, we consider it a debt to provide the guarantee of being under the guarantee needed by all sides and we do not compromise on this issue.


In every intermediation we do, we consider acting in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions as an indispensable part of professionalism and we exert all our efforts in this direction. Our discipline to protect our impartiality is never shaken and we aim to keep both sides at the same distance.


Bunkerist, as a company that always aims to improve, will continue to provide the best service to its customers by following the innovations in the sector. With this aim, it follows technological innovations and current developments in the market and acts with the understanding of aiming to provide the best service to its customers in the future.

Ahmet Çağatay Managing Director

Elif Topoğlu Head of Sales

Angelina Çağatay Trader

Yahya Batu Management Assistant