Ahmet Çağatay, Managing Director

Bunkerist Trading Brokering, which operates in the maritime sector with transit fuel and mineral oil trade, pre-sales and after-sales support services, is at your service with more than twenty-five years of experience. Our goal is to make a little professional and mental contribution to your busy and professional life. Our basic principle is to provide the best service to our customers. Our duty is to ensure that the products of the quality and quantity suitable for the conditions ordered are supplied to the ships on time or to mediate this process. Fuel is the most important consumption material for shipowners and ship operators when dealing with their professions.​

Therefore, a business partnership with shipowners and ship operators has developed not only fuel supply but also financially. The way to do this is to supply the supplies by conscious and competent personnel through the fuel and mineral oil dealers with the necessary professionalism.
Being a follower of the fulfillment of post-sales responsibilities is extremely important for the health and continuity of this cooperation.
We, Bunkerist Trading & Brokering, are “complementary parts of our duty to know that in this trust-based industry, every party knows that it is secured as much as it needs.”

Elif Topoğlu, Head of Sales

Yahya Gebeş, Administration Support

In any case where we mediate, we consider our objectiveness as an indispensable element of professionalism in terms of agreed terms and conditions and we follow it up. Our discipline of being at the same distance to both parties is never changed. In every performance we are involved , our customers’ benefit and satisfaction represent a complete professional achivement, pride and pleasure for us.