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Quality and Quantity



Reliability of fuel of an acceptable quality depends on the availability of the product, oak, the ship’s need and supplier selection, etc. It depends on various factors such as.

The price of the product is a commercial process that requires overtime up to a certain point, fluctuating with the supply of the requested fuel at minimum cost, and the decision taken as a result of it. However, quality is a technical phenomenon that needs to be emphasized with precision. The sector witnessed fuels containing waste chemicals that damage ship machinery and equipment, while damaging the health of ship personnel. In some parts of the world, the disposal of used automotive oils in bunkers for years was welcomed, and this contributed to the difficulties in ship machinery and equipment.

From time to time, ships are supplied with high density products that exceed the refining capacity of the existing equipment. It is not uncommon to encounter water in its content, so that the fuel turns into an emulsion and cannot be treated with the possibilities on board. Some damage caused by product quality can be insured, however, often the associated costs fall below deductible. Sometimes mixing such contaminated fuels with a good quality product can yield positive results. In other cases, wear and tear in moving parts requires immediate approach to a port and mandatory maintenance and repair, resulting in high costs. The quality and quantity of the product is determined by the official treaty and delivery receipt.

Local authority and internationally recognized quality standards guide and testify to this trade. Apart from these, any situation developed or to be developed is an issue that needs to be resolved or compensated by the party’s responsibility. The bunker is determined to coordinate its activities with all business partners to respect this issue.