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Risk management


Risk Management

Risk is an event or situation where it is uncertain whether a project will have a positive or negative impact on its objectives if it occurs. 

Risk is inherent in any project, and project managers should constantly evaluate the risks and develop plans to address them. When it comes to risk management, it is the whole of activities to define risk, evaluate, prioritize with a coordinated follow-up, minimize the economic practices of resources, observe, control the probability and / or impact of unfortunate events, minimize and maximize the probability of opportunities. The risk management plan includes identifying and analyzing the effects of possible risks. 


Risk management plans must remain effective and reflect potential risks. Therefore, plans should be analyzed frequently by the project team and should be reviewed periodically. 

When requested, in the light of international law, rules and professional practices, any information, experience, report, analysis, legal support that the Bunkerist believes will contribute to risk management will be put into service immediately, as per the ethical rules ordered.