Agency Support

by admin
It is the person or organization whose profession is to act as an intermediary in contracts involving a commercial business in a specific region or place on a contractual basis, without a specific title such as agency, commercial representative, commercial agent. They are real or legal persons who work independently, based on a specific contract and mediate in contracts that concern the business, within and outside a business enterprise, and make the contracts on behalf of the business enterprise. There is a continuous relationship between the agency and the commercial enterprise. Shipping or shipping agents are appointed persons or organizations responsible for the safety of the loading and unloading of the commodity and the safety of the product, taking into account the general interests of ship owners, managers and tenants at ports operating worldwide. In some parts of the world, they are called port agents or freight brokers. Agencies often deal with the regular, routine assignments and responsibilities of the shipping companies they represent, quickly and efficiently. The basic materials, such as the provision of customs documents, crew transfer, waste notification, coordinate with the port authority, without delay, in time. They frequently inform shipping companies with reports and updates about the port of destination. If you need to appoint a local agency for the port your ship is visiting, you are contacted with reputable companies whose performance is experienced and alternatives are offered to your service. The cooperation between the agency and the Bunkerist’s duties and responsibilities is carried out in such a way that you can get the best service.