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The main thing is that the shipowner, tenant or operator supplies mineral oil and fuel at the cheapest cost and optimizes all their costs. The decision regarding the supply place directly affects the operating costs. The habitual refueling point causes economic losses associated with overlooking other possibilities and incorrect selection of the refueling location.

Additionally, waste of time is a derivative disadvantage that affects costs. The supply place that is not selected correctly causes time and money loss. Supply regulations, conditions, conditions and performance are not the same everywhere. Replenishment positions must be updated. Also, the decision to be made about the quantity to be replenished is also important. Replenished deficient or excess product is an important cost. Just as it is unnecessary to have a problem in reaching the evacuation port due to its deficiency, the financial difficulties that will be experienced during the payment by replenishing more products and the less cargo carried by the ship, and therefore less freight return are extremely unnecessary.

The Bunkerist provides guidance on the most accurate supply point by evaluating all the possibilities on the ship’s route. The interests of the buyer are reminded and discussed in terms of the amount to be replenished and crediting. All issues are reviewed together, the target is determined. Carrying fuel instead of cargo or filling the credit limits with excess fuel does not contribute to the risk management plans of the buyer and subsequent decisions.