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Information, Analysis, Synthesis


Information, Analysis, Synthesis

Information (knowledge) is the compiled piece of information about a specific and relatively narrow subject in the broadest sense. The terms literally analysis and synthesis mean parsing and putting together, respectively. 

These terms are used in the most modern scientific disciplines, from mathematics and logic to economics and psychology. Analysis is generally defined as the process of dividing an idea or an important whole into parts or components. Briefly divide it into small pieces for careful work. 


Synthesis, on the contrary, is defined as the process of combining separate elements or components to form a harmonious whole. Briefly bringing together and combining in a new form. In the light of the above, reporting studies that express the reliability of the pre-sales parties and being a follower of the fulfillment of the post-sales responsibilities are extremely important for the health and continuity of this cooperation. This service, reinforced by risk management and collection, is an integral part of the Bunkerist’s job in this trust-based industry.