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Iran gives hand with five tankers to Venezuela under pressure

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The first of the five Iranian tankers carrying fuel to Venezuela, who needed gasoline, anchored to the El Palito refinery’s economic area in Venezuela, despite warnings by US officials that Washington is considering responding to this shipment.

Shipments needed due to desperation caused a diplomatic stance between the USA and Iran and Venezuela under US sanctions. With the collapse of almost all of the OPEC country’s 1.3 million barrel refining networks per day, Venezuela is experiencing a shortage of refined products.

This solution-oriented operation is condemned by Venezuela’s opposition. The ruling party is said to try to achieve an epic success in this way.

The country, which was once a leading fuel exporter, now had to meet its monthly consumption needs by importing.

The two OPEC countries had previously helped each other against US sanctions. In 2010-2011, the state-run Venezuela oil company sent fuel to Iran under sanctions aimed at suppressing the nuclear weapons program.

According to sources, Iran supplies 1.53 million barrels of gasoline and components to Venezuela, as both countries are under US sanctions.

The second ship entered the Caribbean Sea on Saturday. The remaining three ships cross the Atlantic.

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