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Global Network

The bunker is just one element of a ship’s dynamic work program, but is categorized as a critical operation. The fuel order requires careful planning and commands the coordination and cooperation of all participating parties from the ordering stage until the completion of the refueling. It imposes pressure on commercial programs, shipowners and personnel responsible for ordering fuel within a limited time.

Bunkerist, which is aware of your needs and expectations, and offers its knowledge, experience and experience based on many years, provides prices and services for any fuel and mineral oil supply in international waters with an understanding of professionalism that will increase your competitive power and earnings.

This means that the Bunkerist supplies the products in question whenever and wherever you need them. In addition, we have no doubt that we will respond to all your expectations with our knowledge and market dynamics that have grasped the industry.

Your advantage

• Emergency price
• Competitive price
• Product with the latest published ISO standards
• Mutual trust-based cooperation
• Knowledge, experience and experience
• Worldwide information network
• Delivery of the product at the time and place you request