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Contribution of environmental awareness to freight costs

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The effect of environmentally friendly shipping to freight costs

Improved and modernized equipment, investments in environmentally sustainable technologies to increase energy efficiency significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions within navigation. Combining recent emission reduction analysis and investment calculation shows that such measures will contribute to reducing freight costs.

It is possible to reduce both emissions and freight costs with operational and technological measures. In addition, if the same cargo volume can be transported using less fuel, shipping companies save huge savings in fuel costs.

The maritime industry produces significant carbon dioxide emissions, which are harmful to both the environment and society. In recent years, the maritime industry has been exposed to both willingness and external pressure to reduce emissions. However, the situation becomes complicated due to the tough competition in shipping. It is a tough paradox to protect the health of future generations and to save the day or to consolidate the financial structure.

Digitalization provides concrete solutions that will contribute to this issue. For example, new digital planning and reservation systems will reduce traffic caused by semi-empty or empty ships, making it easier to use routes more intelligently.

It is possible to increase the capacity utilization rate and eliminate emissions from ballast traffic by navigating with a low nautical mile or carrying a low amount of cargo at low speed.

The possibility of using solar panels, optimized propellers and land power grids in ports is considered to be among economically profitable investments among new technologies. In contrast, for example, wind power systems did not seem profitable.

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