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Bunker Brokering



The bunker is just one element of a ship’s dynamic work program, but is categorized as a critical operation. The fuel order requires careful planning and commands the coordination and cooperation of all participating parties from the ordering stage until the completion of the refueling.

Commercial programs put pressure on ship owners and personnel responsible for ordering fuel within a limited time. In this context, the Bunkerist mediates the transit fuel and mineral oil trade.

The seller performs studies regarding the credit of the buyer. After establishing the appropriate agreement ground for both parties, it ensures that the products in the quality and quantity suitable for the conditions ordered are delivered to the ships on time. 

This means that the Bunkerist supplies the products in question whenever and wherever you need them. In addition, we have no doubt that we will meet all your expectations with the knowledge and market dynamics that have grasped the industry. 

Your Advantages

  • Urgent and competitive price supply
  • Transparency in the agreement and organization between the broker and the supplier company
  • Mutual trust-based cooperation
  • To reach all resources related to supply, to control the market
  • To be selective taking into account the experience of the supplier
  • The most affordable and affordable offer
  • To be completely objective in the selection of suppliers Save time and money
  • Replenishment of the product in accordance with the latest published
  • ISO standards Delivery of the product in the place, time and form you request
  • World-class, specialized service
  • The benefits of having a 24/7 fuel broker without employment
  • Worldwide information network
  • Hardware, knowledge, manners, troubleshooting, compensation tracking and experience
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