Major sea ports record 3.77% volume growth in first 9 months of FY19


Deendayal handles 84.91 MT cargo

The major sea ports in India handled 518.6 million tonnes (MT) of cargo during the first nine months of the current year viz. from April to December 2018, marking a growth of 3.77% against 499.7 million tonnes handled during the corresponding year-earlier period.

During this period, nine ports — Kolkata (including Haldia), Paradip, Visakhapatnam, Kamarajar, Chennai, Cochin, New Mangalore, JNPT and Deendayal (Kandla) registered positive growth in cargo traffic, Shipping Ministry said in a statement.

Deendayal Port topped the list by handling the highest volume of 84.91 MT of cargo, followed by Paradip 80.43 MT, JNPT 52.53 MT, Visakhapatnam 49.28 MT and Kolkata 45.82 MT.

Together, these ports handled about 60% of the major port traffic.

Container traffic

Kamarajar Port, which is being operated by Adani group, handled 413 containers against one container on trial basis in the previous year.

In the nine-month period, Kamarajar Port also handled miscellaneous cargo (46.66%), petroleum, oil and lubricants (9.53%), thermal and steam coal (8.75%) and other liquids (7.5%).

The composition of products handled by these ports are: petroleum, oil and lubricant (33.20%), followed by containers (20.8%), thermal and steam coal (15.09%), other miscellaneous cargo (10.48%), coking and other coal (8.27%), iron ore and pellets (5.75%), other liquids (4.23%) and finished fertilizer (1.23%) among others.


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