Only Two Panamax Bulkers Demolished In 2018


No month in 2018 has experienced more than 0.8 million DWT of dry bulk demolition, compared to last year in which ten months saw demolition above 0.8 million tonnes. January saw the highest levels this year at 748,666 DWT. April was the lowest month, during which only one Supramax ship was demolished.

Small ships live longer lives

The average age of dry bulk ships being demolished has risen to reach 28.1 years, up from 24.7 years in 2017 (Source: Clarksons). The highest average age of demolished ships was observed in May, peaking at 31.7 years. The average age for demolished Capesize ships over the course of the year was 23.8 years old, and Panamax ships were on average demolished at 21.6 years of age. The smaller ship sizes had a higher average age at demolition of 29.8 years and 31.9 years for Handymax and Handysize ships respectively.


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